Here Are Some Alternatives

Hi there, I Dr. Bob Tanger I’m a periodontist in Northern Utah and today I want to talk about how to save your teeth particularly with flossing alternatives. If you want to save your teeth probably, the most important thing you can do is to eliminate the bacteria that caused gum disease because that’s why most people lose their teeth because of gum disease

Gum disease almost always starts between the teeth in small pockets that develop in those areas. If you can keep those areas clean and free of bacteria chances are, you’re gonna prevent gum disease and you’re gonna save your teeth. Let’s talk about some of the alternatives to floss and some of them that I use personally this is a selca brush. It’s got a very small tip and it works very meticulously around the necks of the teeth and a little bit between the teeth.

This is one possibility. The way this would work would be one would very carefully clean around the necks of the teeth and work it in between the teeth to stimulate the tissue between the teeth and clean under the gums there as thoroughly as you can.

You do that on the outside and don’t forget the inside it’s very important as well one and is specifically for the inside the other end is specifically for the outside. This makes it even easier for you to use.

Next, we have another version of the selca brush by Sun Star. This has just one end but again it’s small. I like the handle because it’s got a rubberized grip that makes it perhaps a little bit easier to use and again used on the outside work it between the teeth. Used on the inside work it between the teeth can be very valuable.

So we’ve talked about some of the brushes that can help as in our native to flossing. Now let’s talk about some of the instruments that fit really between the teeth for cleaning very thoroughly instead of floss or in addition to floss between the teeth.

This one, number one is the gum proxy brush and this is what it looks like it’s Christmas tree in shape. Of course, you work it between the teeth to clean thoroughly between the teeth. Outside is a little more difficult than on the inside but you can bend it if you need to get to the inside.

This could be helpful. Again some people like this and favor it another version of the proxy brush is one that is not Christmas tree shaped but is straight, it may fit in smaller areas between the teeth.
Perhaps some areas like this. All of these are sold in drugstores.

Next, what I use personally to clean between my teeth and I use them every night. This to me is perhaps the most valuable tool in cleaning between your teeth I like it even better than dental floss. Floss is great I like this even better. It’s called a soft pick advance. I love these I work them between my teeth every day very thoroughly on the outside and on the inside.

They’re great now they do bend, so one that gets bent just throw it away and take another one. These are sold at Walgreens they’re not always available everywhere but I know Walgreens has them. If you have difficulty doing the inside the outside is really the most important thing. When you do the outside make sure and go all the way through to the inside so it’s cleaning very thoroughly.

This is probably what I use the most and recommend to virtually all of my patients. The doctor pics are very good because some places the soft pick advanced may not fit and this will fit. It has two ends are brushing and a pointed end. I use the broad and I do use these periodically also.

Sometimes for a change of pace, sometimes for areas that are more difficult to reach with the other tools. Again all the way between the teeth so you get the inside and the outside. If the teeth are very tight you may want to use the point at end kind of like a toothpick to clean between there. This is certainly one of the most important replacements or additions to dental floss.

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